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So, I was at the Doctor Who Tumblr Meetup on Saturday and I happened to gather an extra Swag Bag. AKA, my brother, who I brought with me cause I am lame like that, got one and he is not that big of a Doctor Who fan, so I got his entire Swag Bag that he does not really want. So, I decided. Hey! There are a lot of epic Doctor Who fans on Tumblr that would love to have some of this stuff. So, TADA. Giveaway. 

So, this includes: 

  • The white Doctor Who bag 
  • Tumblr sticker 
  • Adorable Doctor Who card
  • Doctor Who lanyard 
  • Doctor Who T-Shirt (It is pretty large on me, but I am a really small person. Plus. It is cotton, so it will shrink in the wash.)

The pictures are all above as you can see. As for the rules, I am pretty chill, so there are just going to be a few 

  • You DO NOT have to be following me, though, I would get a bright grin if ya did decide to. I know there are a lot of Doctor Who fans out there and I want everyone to have the chance even if ya don’t follow me. 
  • Yes. I will ship ANYWHERE in the world. I don’t care if you live in some unnamed island in the Pacific. Anywhere there is a postal code, I’ll ship it. Though, if you live abroad, aka, not in the United States, please allow time for shipping. 
  • Likes do count. 
  • Please don’t reblog more than 7 times. I like everyone to have an equal chance and all that jazz. Plus, I really like the number 7 
  • This giveaway is going to last just over a week, ending on SATURDAY JULY 28TH
  • If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, just send a message to my ask box, and I’ll get right back to ya as soon as I can. 

So, that is all. Wishing everyone good luck and stuff. So, have fun.