Kaellen ;; 20 ;; Female ;; Southwest previously deannawinchester
random assortment of fandoms ranging from doctor who, supernatural to teen wolf, taking a stop over to marvel world before going all the way to videos games and the roosterteeth gang. feel free to come and talk about anything

I love playing video games with friends so if you ever want to play anything together just give me a shout out cause I'll totally be down. PC, Xbox. Dont matter. Im there.

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How I feel

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whenever i get stressed out, i think about this picture and become this dog

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the origin of Ouija boards is funny if you think about it, like they’re part of another country’s (China) ancient history that was practiced until one emperor decided, “You know what this is probably a bad idea” and banned the practice. 

then centuries later an old businessman comes along and is like “I’m going to take this and market it as a toy to children.”

Which is the exact plot of Yu-Gi-Oh



Be nice to Frank.



Europe Trotter

Geirangerfjord, Norway

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hey my computer is about to die but look at this wash i drew

i love it when people underestimate the power of the late game team comp. like. sure. you are steam rolling us in the midgame. but just wait until that power spike. and then they get all mad when they lose. like dude. it was your fault for letting it go on for 40 minutes 

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